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We provide grass cutting and hedge trimming services. Please see below for guide prices.

Grass Cutting


Lawn SizeApprox. cost per m2Approx. cost per cut
Small 5-100m210-30p£10.00-£17.00
Medium 100-300m28p-10p£15.00-£30.00
Large 300-1500m26p£25.00-£90.00
Factors that change the following prices include:
– clippings disposal; our preference is to put these on a compost heap or scatter on the grass to avoid tipping charges which will increase your bill
– access and steepness of the garden
– length of grass

Hedge Trimming

hedge trimming
Hedge LengthApprox. cost per mApprox. cost per cut
Small 5-10m£1.00-£2.00£10.00-£20.00
Medium 10-20m£1.00-£1.50£15.00-£30.00
Large 20-100m£0.65-£1.00£20.00-£70.00
Hedge Trimming Costs
Calculated on regular cuts assuming easy access, otherwise costs will increase.