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Why do I need to Balance & Sharpen My Lawnmower Blade

Balancing and lawn mower sharpening blades is very important for several reasons

Any wobbles or unnecessary movement of the blade will transmit up to the lawnmower engine and over time cause unnecessary wear and damage to the engine

Sharpening the blade especially the outermost edges helps maintain a healthy lawn by ensuring a clean cut which keeps your lawn looking good

It’s something you can do at home – but be aware … you need to make sure the spark plug lead is disconnected, the mower is either tipped backwards or on the correct side so oil does not get into the carb. Lastly, if you don’t have an impact wrench lock up the blade so it does not rotate when you come to remove the bolts. Its always best to mark the lawnmower blade ‘grass side’ or something similar.. when your putting the blade back on it is easy to forget which way the blade went back on. To sharpen the blade you can use a file, some people use an angle grinder which can be pretty aggressive. If you check the online prices it can be simpler to simply buy a new blade and hey presto job done. If in doubt get in touch and I can pick your machine up and have it done for you – Good luck John

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